I’ve got a bit of a croissant addiction. Living in Paris, I eat a lot of them and I need lots of creative excuses to justify walking into yet another boulangerie for that crispy buttery hit of goodness.

This website is one of those creative excuses. While you’re indulging in your pastry of choice, rate it here so the world can know whether that croissant at Ladurée is really worth three Euros.

Uhm, what?

It’s a website for reviewing and comparing croissants. So you can know where the good ones are.

Are you serious?

One hundred percent.

Can I post ratings of bagels?

No. Croissants only. No breads, cookies, cakes or pretzels. Because we’re classy.

Who’s behind this thing?

Me. And you. And the whole world, living in harmony, finding common cause in the mutual love of pastries.